Summary on the sermon about Mark 3:31-35

Theme: In the seeming cold relationship of Jesus with His family, it is becoming very clear what is the most important thing in our lives and in our churches
Text: Mark 3: 31-35
Textpart(s) to read: Mark 3: 1-6
Mark 13-22
Mark 3: 31-35
By: Rev. Ton de Ruiter (at that time minister reformed church -liberated- at Enkhuizen)
Held at: Enkhuizen on the 10th of September 1995
Belongs to Sermon: Mar03v31

The words of our Lord concerning His mother and brethern seems cold and hard. He says: "They are not My family! Others are my mother, sisters and brethern".
On an other place Jesus said the same of the leaders of Israel (Pharizees and teachers of the Law). They are "first class" members of the church (they think), but Jesus is saying: "When there is no conversion in your life, you won't come into the kingdom of heaven.
Would Jesus say to you: you are my family?

In the seeming cold relationship of Jesus with His family, it is becoming very clear what is the most important thing in our lives and in our churches

Jesus has become a real man; so real as we are. He had had sisters and brothers. He knows the power of the relation between members of the same family (the relation with people of whome you can say: we have the same blood in our bodies).
The spoken words in our text are painfull for Maria and the brethern. But they are most painful for Jesus Himself!!! He knows perfect the familylove and feels perfect the ties of blood. He knows the fifth commandment perfect that we have to honour our parents and to love our neighbour. But there was reason to speak so sharp! Why?
The reason was that His family wanted to stop Him in his work (see verses 21, 31). They are thinking: He is crazy (verse 21). And other (important) men too are saying the same (verse 22).
The mother and brethern wanted to lead Jesus, in stead of given themselfs to the leading of Jesus.

But we can imagine that the family was thinking so. Jesus is doing such strange things. We have read Mark 3: 1-6. He knew that his enemiews were there. He knew that many leaders should become very angry when He would heal the men. But in the midst of the synagoge He heals the man. Is it not stupid! We would say: "He is destroying His own sake of the heavenly kingdom!".
And futher on: He takes 12 disciples. Why not 10 or 15? No, He takes exactly 12! That suggest that He is going to build a new Israel! That makes many people very angry again. "Jesus is out of His mind", the family thought. And that would be our thoughts too, I think. Jesus was going through all kinds of holy things. Why?
For He saw: the belief of the people was not belief in God, not trusting and following God, but only religious. Their sureness of salvation was build on rules and religious deeds of themselves and not on the love and grace of God. So the people were teached.
See Matthew 22: 4-7, 15, 23.
Jesus had to break these "Phariseism", this outside-religion.

How it is in our life? Is there no outside religion? Very important that we know that faith is to live in a relation with the Lord. In His love and grace.
And in that relation: Jesus shows the way to us. He is going His way and we have to follow. There is one way: to be followers. Also when the way Jesus is going with us is strange and difficult; We have to follow.
When Jesus speaks sharp and hard it has always a lovely reason: His love to redeem the people. He is always redeemer! When He sees that people are going before Him instead of behind Him He speaks very sharp. To His family too.
It was painfully for Him that His own mother and brethern did not understand Him. But the most dangerous is that men in such situations come and stay in front of Him. That we think that we know things better than He knows.
His mother and brethern had to believe what they knew (Christmas): I, your son, your brother, I am your Lord; so I know what I am doing.
The same situation we read in Matthew 16: 22-23. His heartsfriend/disciple Peter stands in front of the Lord. Peter, a man, wanted to say Jesus, the Lord, what He has to do. Men do often think that they knew better than God. We, too.
But we have to follow. Jesus cries to us, out of His heart too: follow Me. That is it what all men have to learn. In our own situations. Then we are family of Jesus. When we trust Him and therefore are going behind in His steps. That is the the narrow road (Matthew 7: 13-14).
His mother and brethern had to learn: My son is my Lord, our brother is our Lord.
And, thanks to the Lord, they have learned! They were present on the day of pentecost and had become realy believers.

We see in this text the heart of our Lord working, speaking, pulling, to pull people behind Him, to save them.
And I? Am I a follower? See yourself so and live so. And then you would see that you dayly need the forgiveness of sin. And through the grace of the blood of Jesus and His Holy Spirit you shall grow in following, grow in knowing Him, grow in love for Him.
God bless You.

Rev. Ton de Ruiter (Enkhuizen).

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